About EzyCall™

Welcome To EzyCall™

EzyCall™ is a powerful yet easy to use nurse call system that helps ensure vital communication throughout a hospital environment where efficiency is paramount. EzyCall™ delivers, helping save staff time, minimizing disturbance and improving the quality of patient or elderly care.

Whatever the application – be it a call system for a nursing home or hospital, for a high dependency unit – EzyCall™ is the obvious choice.

EzyCall™ facial design can be customized to suit exact operational needs of any hospital or healthcare facility. Besides English language and clear image to indicate functions, EzyCall™ can be supplied with any local language and clear image to indicate function, EzyCall™ can be supplied with any local language thus ensuring the patient ease of use.

EzyCall™ – it’s easy to install, easy to learn and its easy to maintain. Troubleshooting EzyCall™ system is very straight forward and can be completed without need of computer or special programming tools.


  • Nurse Call
  • Dementia Care
  • Staff Protection
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Cell Call
  • Affray

Designed, Developed & Manufactured in Malaysia

Direct from Manufacturer, able to provide customization and also fine tuning to meet delicate health care requirement.

Widely installed in government & private hospitals.

In house software development team certified to Microsoft Action pack Developer Program


300 Series 1990's Nucleus Govt. Hospitals

500 Series 2000's

600 Series 2005

700 Series 2010

800 Series 2012

Designed, developed and manufactured by local company

Developed by an ISO9001:2008 Product Development Certified company (certified by Lloyds International)

2 Years Warranty

Dual Language Support

Optional SMS Alerting

Optional Pager Support

Room Controller has built in web-server, which can be configured to export event

We support TCP,UDP, HTTP--POST, HTTP--GET, Text File and XML Output

This information can be used for Billing System

We also can import data from HMS system, parameter such as patient name and duration the bed will be used