Engage your patients timely and securely on WhatsApp


Appointment Automation

Automate with our drag-and-drop chatbot builder to provide self-service convenience that lets customers book their appointment.


Confirmation & Support

Send your customers, service users or patients automated reminders to collect samples and reports from your clinic or hospital.


Consultation Follow Up

Provide healthcare with a more personal touch by sending post-consultation follow up messages to check in on your patients.


Privacy Guaranteed

Provide more confidence in your services by using WhatsApp’s secure messaging to protect your healthcare messages.


Secure and Compliant

End-to-end encryption for secure patient information exchange.

  • WhatsApp is HIPAA compliant, making it suitable for healthcare providers who need to comply with privacy regulations.
  • Healthcare providers can use WhatsApp to securely share patient data with colleagues for consultation and collaboration.
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    Improve your efficiency

    More efficient communication reduces wait times and improves care.

  • Integrating WhatsApp with other healthcare tools can improve communication and efficiency.
  • WhatsApp allows healthcare providers to easily send appointment reminders, lab results, and updates to patients, reducing the need for long phone calls and paperwork.
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    Enhanced Patient Engagement

    Personalized messaging and education improves engagement and adherence.

  • Multimedia content can improve patient outcomes by simplifying complex medical concepts for healthcare providers.
  • WhatsApp allows healthcare providers to offer remote consultations and telemedicine services, improving access to care for patients unable to attend in person.
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