Features & Benefits

Standard Size

Same mechanical spec of Single Gang Outlet (85x85)- fitting nicely into Bedside Panel.

CAT-5E or CAT-6 Cabling

Easy installation, error free termination and easy replacement.

Modular Design

Independent of Room Controller or central PC software.

Flash Memory

No re-programming when power lost or replacement of sub-units.(including display & alerting units)

Ultra-Low Power

In active mode consumes only 10mA.


To any TV and bed light

Clear and Color Coded

Images with text.

Sealed Pendants

With smooth shape allows for easy, comprehensive cleaning.

Built In Server Software

Web based software, no need special software installation or dedicated PC.

No Need TV Remote Control

If the patient uses Pillow Speaker with IR Module.

Sealed design, no button-Edge

Cleaning is easy, liquid cannot enter the internal circuits.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Optional Wi-Fi interfaced Room Controller, enabling easy integration when expanding in the future

Custom Faceplate

Custom Message Display

Buttons with Backlight

Pendants are Oxygen Safe

Voice Based System

Auto Self-Test
When a sub unit fails, the Room Controller detects immediately. Alerting is shown in the LCD display, LED display, Emails to related personnel and sends SMS (if GSM module installed).

Power Failure Re-Programming
No programming when system is powered down, FLASH MEMORY stores programming data & settings.

Memory Module
Un-plug the memory module from faulty controller and insert into new room controller-memory module has MTBF of 20 years.

Sub Unit have Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 6-years and Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) of 1-min.

No Configuration or Programming
Needed when replacing sub-unit, alerting unit & display unit.

Room Controller has built in web-server, Which can be configured to export event.

We support TCP, UDP, HTTP-POST, HTTP-GET, Text File and XML Output.

This information can be used for Billing System.

We also can import data from HMS system, Parameter such as patient name and duration the bed will be used.

Auto Alerting
If call is not addressed in XX-min, Alert can be sent to Email, Pager, SMS (need GSM module).

Daily Report
On calls and respond time, Report can be emailed or PDF file can be saved into network device.

Report On Demand.